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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 13, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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me on fox business network at 8:00 p.m. what did she think of the attacks. when you talk to the spouse they tend to personalize this. tomorrow. ♪ ♪>> eric: this is a fox news alert. the situation is deteriorating by the hour. violent anti-american riots are growing now. what started in egypt and libya now spread to yemen, tunisia, iraq, elsewhere. at this hour, two navy destroy years plus a team of marines are scrambling in the persian gulf. go live to fox news foreign correspondent leland vittert on the ground in cairo. put a picture -- >> reporter: eric, this i belowe is a large street battle going back and forth between the egyptian police and riots in egypt as they try to storm the u.s. embassy, the egyptian police now 48 hours after the
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rioters got inside the compound are able to push these people back using a combination of tear gas, and rubber bullets that is now continuing well in the night here. 11:00 p.m. in cairo. it's still going strong. ricochets of the rubber bullets is piercing the air here in cairo. the difference, though, the equipages police defending the embassy compound and keeping the rioters out. they're a combination of heavily anti-american and angry over the anti-prophet muhammad movie. a number of them chanting "with our blood, our soul we defend you, o, prophet." injuries in the hundreds. one thing egyptian police are not doing is arresting a lot of people. going forward this is only going to get worse. you can see the anger and the level of intensity of the protesters walking in to a wall of tear gas to make their voices heard. there is a million man march here in cairo scheduled for tomorrow.
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we heard american embassies around the middle east get ready for protest from qatar, to jordan, tunisia and algeria, bracing for protest after friday prayers. eric, back to you. >> eric: thank you, leland vittert. on the ground in cairo. fox learned senior libyan security official now describing the embassy, the american embassy attack this way. he says libyans -- he's the libyan deputy interior minister and told a.p. the attacks tuesday night were expected to be timed to mark the 9/11 anniversary. and that they used civilian protesting of the anti-islamic film as cover for the actions. go around the table, given what we learned how, recent development, acts of terrorism? >> kimberly: this is a developing story. getting details in and the news is breaking quick. it will based on the fact and information, intel we have thus far it seems like it. no other way to describe it. call it what it is.
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that is what the intention was. done on 9/11, purposefully, concerted effort, well organized. heavily armed. large number. it doesn't appear any relation to the film this is something they intended to do to commit the act. if you look where it occurred and neighboring city, high intensity and population of a few members involved in other insurgent attacks as well. what is most disturbing is the reaction of press. >> eric: i heard this is coordinated attack, planned attack. can we call it act of terrorism? >> bob: absolutely. there this is born in eastern libya. what they did is take advantage of protest against the film. i don't think they organized 2,000 people would be affront for them. they knew there would be protest in front of the embassy and they used that as a way to get in with
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sophisticated weapons. the other thing, what happened in cairo, people say were they coordinated in cairo and other places? the answer is no. you didn't see attacks. you saw mobs. >> eric: dana the libyan director said it was two-part attack. then the ambassador was moved to the safe house and they knew it was coming. was there inside intel, kind of telling the al-qaeda group where they should target? >> dana: i don't think the administration knows how this happened or why they didn't know about it beforehand. does anyone think for a second had they prevented this from happening there wouldn't front page story in the "new york times" talking about how they prevented a terrorist attack on n libya on 9/11 that protected the ambassador. that's the story. we know that's what they would have said. call it what it is.
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speak very, very clearly. remember the underwear bomber they stopped not long ago, double -- or triple agent they used on that intel? i think there are hard questions in congress, every american deserves answers to okay, we know that we have to be right every single time. but why was this -- there wasn't any chatter, nobody knew this was coming? now four americans are killed. >> eric: the administration wants to call it, i don't know, just a crazy mob. but isn't that p.c., a p.c. way of diverting attention to what this really is, radicals who hate america and willing to do anything to take us down? >> greg: you've got thousands of people chanting "death to the america." in the middle east, that's called thursday. it honestly, it shows you how different we are as a people than the radicals are.
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in america we march against injustice within america. we never march against injustice against america. we have to start feeling our rage about their rage. they need to see us out in the streets, yelling and screaming. burning one of their flags. >> bob: i'll make another point. there is a big question here why this consulate, not the embassy, why the consulate was understaffed with marines. most have 20, 30 marines. there were very few of them at the time. libyans worked out contingency plan for this sort of thing, where they move the ambassador back in area they thought they could safely get him out, that's why we hear about the car, in a car, not in a car? somebody knew and tipped them off on where they were going. not over the embassy -- keep in this in mind. protests are separate and apart from the terrorists. >> eric: seen at the protests were relatives of abdel ramon.
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the blind cleric serving life sentence in america. relatives of his. >> kimberly: the head of egypt talked about in his acceptance speech bringing back to egypt. that went unnoticed in the address. >> eric: also offchute, northern african offshoot. these are terrorists. >> they are. these are active war as far as i'm concerned in the united states. we have to closely examine why this is allowed to happen. what about the security and safety for those serving oversea, especially the u.s. ambassador in a situation they were not detected. that is not a secure environment. there is information about it, and the door is locked, where is bulletproof -- where is the stuff to protect him. if they're going to serve -- would you accept a position as ambassador for the obama administration -- >> greg: i would only be an ambassador to hawaii. believe me. i'm not brave. you are having demonstrations, because they're covered. it goes back to the saying if
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a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there, does it fall or whatever. >> eric: does it make a sound? >> greg: i don't care about the anti-american sentiment. i care about the americans being safe. they can have their protests until the day that die. i don't care. we have shouldn't care how they feel about us. what we should concentrate on is protecting the people abroad or getting them the hell out of there. let them have the dumb protests. >> eric: hold your thoughts, because we want to bring up topic two. some people are trying to blame obscure movie for murder of americans and case lating violence. even secretary of state hillary clinton mind-numbingly doubled down on the diversion tactic today. listen. >> i also want to take a moment to address the video circulating on the internet that has said to the protests this video -- that has led to the protests. the video is disgusting and reprehensible. it appears to have a deeply sicynical purpose, to denigrate
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religion and provoke rage. >> eric: why? >> dana: i don't know what all of their positions are and we'll find out as the days go on. she has a tougher job than any of us, she has to deal with the leadership of the countrys and she has to have a responsible position of trying to calm them down. maybe then they go from there and have tough talk later. the thing about the video, every article i read has a different point. that the video is real, it wasn't real. it exists, it doesn't exist. i don't know what it was. >> greg: i looked at part of it. it makes magic mike look like "good fellas." it's awful. i respect what you say about hillary, you're right. the most overused word right now tolerance. we're worried about hurting feelings of a religion being used, radicals in the religion are killing people.
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you can't aquite hurting feelings with killing people. >> eric: the worst part of that whole thing was she did it from the state department. >> greg: she has -- >> eric: if you're overseas and you want to calm things down -- >> greg: i think she was trying to calm things down. >> eric: she said the same darn thing the same thing in the row. >> kimberly: it's irresponsible. you can't take the job of secretary of state and fulfill it honorably and something that makes common sense. don't get down on bended knee and apologize. i have been a fan of hers but not today. i think what she did is not the right message to send. it makes no sense. >> greg: let bob respond. >> bob: i can't believe i'm hearing this. first of all, if you look at the movie trailer and i saw it, maybe just the trailer. if it was a movie they depicted jesus christ that way i'd be in streets complained about it. >> greg: it has happened, i think it's happened. >> bob: i told you this before. >> eric: why should our secretary of state apologize -- >> bob: you know why? as difficult for us to accept
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we have to keep diplomacy going. why? we have 100 businessmen in cairo trying to do business when this happened. you know will come in the area we lose our prestige there, the little we've got? chinese. then we'll all be ruined. >> kimberly: they don't fear or res special us. the administration of the united states has been weakened. we no longer have the strong hold we had under bush and cheney. that's a fact. not respected by the people. now obama can -- >> bob: listen -- [over talk ] >> greg: again, i don't like using the phrase hurt feelings, but i'm with dana on this. she has a job to do, and she has bigger concerns than we do. >> eric: the problem is there are hundreds of thousands of radicals out there that hear the message gand you know what? we're not going to get punched back. if that's all they got. >> eric: we got to go. >> kimberly: i don't think the message kept people safe and help them in the future. i don't. >> eric: yesterday, president obama skipped the intel briefing and american
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embassies were being attacked. what was so important to the commander? >> it's so good to see all of you. i love you back. i do. >> eric: that's right. campaign stop in vegas, because for obama what happens in egypt stays in vegas. kimberly with the president just a minute. 4g lte has the fastest speeds.
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[ chanting ] >> kimberly: all right. president obama hit the campaign trail today in colorado and spoke about the attacks in libya. >> what i want all of you to know is we are going to bring those who killed our fellow americans to justice. i want people around the world to hear me to all of those who would do us harm. no acts of terror will go unpunished. >> kimberly: is the president defining the killing as act of terror? it looks like it.
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how should the united states deal with the people who killed four americans? here how colonel ralph peters sees it. >> in this part of the world, the only thing, the radical islamists, fanatic understand is brute force. they killed four of ours, you kill 400 of theirs. nothing else works. sorry harvard, sorry yale, sorry friction, your theories flop. when our people are killed you kill them if large numbers. >> andreanumbers >> kimberly: is this the right approach? >> bob: does the colonel want to put his uniform back on and do that? >> kimberly: he'd say yes. >> bob: plowed down. you cannot invade a country and kill 400 of them. >> dana: but you can use drone attacks. democrat's what we did in libya. maybe you don't remember that. >> bob: that is different than landing troops on the ground. >> kimberly: boots on the
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ground. >> eric: that's why -- >> bob: people have have been killed in iraq and afghanistan. >> eric: it's important for you and the leftists following president obama and president obama to say it's an act of terrorism. you just said it. >> bob: us leftists? you want us to invade iraq again? >> eric: there can be ways to handle this. one is economic, one is drones. the use of -- step it up. >> kimberly: combination. >> greg: why don't we stand progressive peace activists over there to reason are with them and explain it's our fault. then they understand. >> kimberly: occupy wall >> greg: we could knit a peace blanket. then smother them with it. it doesn't work. >> bob: let me hear you say what you do. not just -- >> greg: you wan to know what i'd do? >> eric: stop the aid. no foreign aid. drone them. find out where they are. while them out. we know where the cells are. >> eric: do it with drones? >> kimberly: combination of things.
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>> dana: this whole thing -- >> kimberly: how do we do it? >> bob: there is not a comparison to bush. >> dana: it has been four years and now all of a sudden it's not? >> bob: use of drones? >> kimberly: not if bush something well. >> dana: the antiwar left that came after bush for all sorts of thing to set up a property call to keep the country safe for recent terrorist attack were the subject of investigation. there was the interrogations issues that eric holder finally let go last, the friday before labor day weekend quietly. he had to finally let that go because there is nothing there. because they can't be held to the same account. that's not fair. >> bob: you said the antiwar left, that is a fair description. it's not all the left. >> dana: where have they been? president obama had effectively used the drone strategy killing many terrorists. why under bush was that wrong?
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if it's okay for obama. >> bob: it may have been wrong -- probably wrong with the antiwar left with obama. >> dana: does somebody have duct tape on their mouths they can't talk about it for last four years? >> greg: i do. >> bob: does it matter if drones worked? >> greg: you know the point she's making. >> bob: i don't know. >> dana: the hypocrisy, people are so blind to their own hypocrisy when it comes to the anti-terror evidents. president bush was very clear. he said you are either with us or you're against us. that's language that people can understand. in addition to that, he said democracy effort. all these countrys. he didn't have the arab spring, that is different. but president obama made a huge mistake yesterday. they should never have gone to vegas. president obama yesterday should have said i'm staying back at the white house. manual how the media would have swooned over this maneuver. i'll send bill clinton to las vegas instead. >> greg: he would have loved it.
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>> dana: it would have been all over the media. bill clinton went for him and instead he is on the campaign trail and es have rate the air of confidence he built up in four years. boston i couldn't a-- >> bob: i couldn't agree with you more than that. particularly las vegas. it can't think of a worse city to go to. >> kimberly: that's presidentcial? >> eric: you sent me an e-mail, kimberly, president obama missed the intel briefing again yesterday and decided to fly to las vegas again for a campaign pick up a check and say hello to everyone. can i point something out, bob? because president obama called it terrorism he can handle it another way. remember when major hissan killed people at fort hood and they called it workplace violence and now they can't get him to shave and sew up for trial. they can treat it differently. >> bob: the reality, bush rightfully so called for people to vote. they voted in people that you don't like. that's just too bad. >> kimberly: we don't like the policies.
2:22 pm
it's not a personal decision. we don't like the tone an tenor of the administration, apologizing, atonement, appeasement on bended knee. >> bob: show me the line he apologized to iran that charles krauthammer talked about. he is usually accurate. but it's dead wrong. >> kimberly: let's listen to charles krauthammer. play it. >> policy began with the cairo speech, began with the apologies to iran, it began with regret for iraq war. with the so-called outreach and it collapsed. these are the fruit of appease it and apolic apology. >> greg: i'm not sure we're appeasers. saying there is anti-americanism in the middle east is saying it's partly cloudy in florida. as long as there is america, there will be anti-americanism. we have to make a decision do
2:23 pm
we get out of there and leave them alope and bomb when necessary? or do we continue to go there and have to deal with the problem over and over again. frankly, we're all tired of this. >> bob: this obama's apology, charles krauthammer is flat wrong. he never apologized -- >> eric: he absolutely apologized -- >> kimberly: he did. secretary of state apologized twice -- >> eric: i can show it to you, bob. [ overtalk ] >> dana: they are going to cut the mic. >> kimberly: somebody should send drone to the table. open mic picked up surprising comments between reporters at mitt romney's press conferenc conference. >> kimberly: were they trying to embarrass mitt romney? you can decide. we'll play you the rest of the tape when we come back. right though. stay with us on "the five." we'll continue to watch the volatile situation outside our embassy in cairo. in america today we're running out of a vital resource we need
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>> greg: so adorable like kids scheming to trick daddy to give them the answer they want. it refer to the reporters coordinating questions before the romney presser. >> i would say do you regret your question? i mean the statement, not just the tone. >> greg: no matter who he calls on we're covered on that one question. like trick deck of cards where every card is joker. it's their job to get something. media can't blame them. but why didn't they just ask it once, not seven times and
2:29 pm
move on. mad men strike, let's focus on romney. i have seen deeper thought in a tweet by lindsay lohan. speaking of tweets is where they pile on romney. the only whine make sheep look essentialgy. even worse, how the media thinks the dumb video caused outrage. the headline outrage in the middle east first showed up a million years ago on caveman cnn and will exist long after we're dead. press blames the video. the equation, western extremist caused eastern exstreakist. the immediate -- extremist. what can you expect from an entity that embased the sordid occupy wall street over the tea party? with impaired judgment like that, no wonder the barbarians play us like a fiddle while embassies burn. if only time magazine would run a cover story like why do they hate us? maybe it would stop. sorry, that didn't work. what the media yet to face up to is you can't negotiate with
2:30 pm
psychotics who see hatred everywhere and blame everybody by themselves. you have can't negotiate with middle eastern islamists either. dana i know, we had a meeting this morning and you threw scalding cup of coffee in my face because you disagree. you believe this coordination and discussion is standard. >> dana: i am one to defend the media, one covering candidate and the president. but sometimes they make it very hard to do so. rare that a candidate or president these days gives an opportunity to ask questions. if there is driving news of the day, instead of something somebody ask off the wall question about the senate race in missouri, they all have marching orders from their bosses they need to get the story of the day, the sugar, not the meat and potato but what keeps them going. the carb diet. it's not unusual for them to say you got this question, i'll ask about north korea. i'll get this. great.
2:31 pm
they that is working together but they look like pack of lamos after that. >> eric: the only problem with that, i get that and bunch of things going on, they colluded to ask one question. >> greg: not let him get away from it. >> eric: again and again, same thing asked seven times. it exposes what they are. they are the east and west coast wing of the obama campaign. chicago is covered so they covered the east and west coast. the ominous undercarriage of the media. >> greg: the third time you used only ominous undercarriage" and it's still not a trend. >> kimberly: didn't you band it? we should ban journalists like this. it's not justic if questions. they are colluding to ambush mitt romney because he is the conservative candidate. like they did with bush. they would don't it this with obama. they try to make him look good and cover up when he says
2:32 pm
things that don't make sense like egypt is the ally. then they walk it back. >> greg: i'll say this. didn't this feel like they were going for gotcha moment? >> bob: you assume they are going for gotcha. this isn't new. does anybody believe the question wouldn't asked? it was top of everybody's thoughts. the aides let him down, coming out with a statement that is premature. they let him down. like they let him go to las vegas today. >> dana: in the long run, romney will look like he made a smart decision. the instinct was to have the press allow him questions. that's not what happened -- >> be presidential. >> bob: be presidential? >> kimberly: he is trying to get the job to be president of
2:33 pm
the united states and commander in chief. >> bob: you think it was presidential statement? >> kimberly: he is asking like one and take question and doesn't cower behind the fact to back out the door and not answer one question when you have 17 americans wounded, four murdered including the ambassador. >> bob: you don't start talking about it on the campaign trail. >> kimberly: then don't go to vegas because you care more about winning. >> bob: just once give discredit to romney mack for a better day. >> kimberly: not today. >> bob: not any day. >> kimberly: not today. freddie before we go, the tweets from the journalists, they're 16-year-old girls complaining about a repeat of "gossip girl." they don't do it with romne oba. but with romney like sheep drop the tweet. >> dana: they should get off twitter. >> greg: we have to go now. how much of your money funds the anti-american unrest? the number will shock you.
2:34 pm
literally. figuratively numbers don't really shock.
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here is the big move by the federal reserve to try to stimulate the sluggish economy. on the on "special report," less than two months before the election the fed announced it will buy $40 billion of mortgage back securities every month until the job market shows substantial improvement. the fed bought $2 billion in treasury bond and mortgage back security since the 2008 financial crisis. will it help? will it affect the enext? you're getting by with less now than at any time since 1995. that is the conclusion of a survey on household incomes. more trouble in the middle east. this is the scene outside the u.s. embassy in cairo egypt.
2:39 pm
unconfirmed report of arrest in the fatal attack in the consulate in lib yeah. new info tonight. what is an ally? mitt romney is standing by the criticism of the president and talking about it. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and "the five." we need to have a debate in our country about whether we should send u.s. taxpayer money to countries that cannot, or will not protect our embassies. i personally think until we're assured they can protect our embassy and will, we shouldn't send them another penny. 'canes is senator rand paul -- >> dana: that is senator rand paul expressing what most americans are feeling. not just republicans suggested that we should consider the aid packages and loop and money through the state department that goes to some of the countrys. greg, you have said about yourself that you are a cheap person. but when it comes to taxpayer money, what do you think about
2:40 pm
sending money to countrys like this, for democracy effort and food aid? are you against that? >> greg: sending aid to middle east is like a celebrity, a famous male celebrity paying off a masseuse. so he won't spill the news about the sexual harassment. you still end up broke and you probably lose your house. you will always pay and pay and pay. >> it's like paying off your ex-wife so you don't have to give her alimony and child support. still broke. >> kimberly: that happens. >> greg: they always burn flags but they never burn our money. >> dana: no, they don't. >> greg: come up with flags, burn, they make a weird smell. i think i stole it. it's not mine. >> dana: it's not that much money. foreign aid budget is less than 1% of the overall budget. but still, should they get any
2:41 pm
money if they can't meet the accountability standards? >> eric: i believe not one red cent. cut it off immediately. $20 million continuing resolution they said they couldn't change and couldn't pull the aid out of it. yesterday president obama said egypt is not an ally. >> dana: then he got corrected by his own state department. >> eric: if it's not an ally then it's terrorism. cut it off for now. pending. we'll reinstate the aid if you turn over and find out -- >> dana: if you meet standards we set. that was a conversation last year in pakistan after killing of usama bin laden. it was curious whether or not the government could do anything about it. still, is it worth investment to send money if it keeps down the further riot or terrorism? >> bob: absolutely. a small percentage of the budget. tell you why it make sense. as much as we're outraged over something like this, consulate being burned, i'm not seeing
2:42 pm
embassy burning so far. >> kimberly: what? boston embassy -- there was not an embassy burned here. >> dana: consulate. >> kimberly: consulate is okay but -- it's a distinction without difference. >> eric: ambassador is dead. >> bob: we can leave there and get no money, get no support or -- turn it over to radicals completely, or china will gladly pay the money. >> greg: let china have the problem. >> bob: you tell israel that. that's why we're doing this. >> dana: senator inhoff from oklahoma on the budget committee said, could we hit the pause button before we vote on this, this afternoon. until we find out who the perpetrators were and in the government are going to work with us to find perpetrators of this? that sounds reasonable. >> kimberly: it sound reasonable but also they should get consideration to
2:43 pm
facts. the intel that is coming in. really give this a close look at how and where we want to spend our money. we seem to try to pay off people that gladly take our money and stab us in the back. look what happened with pakistan. they're hardly our friends or allies at this point at all. we can't trust them. egypt is in total disarray and economic crisis. withdrawal and hold back the money and see how the muslim brotherhood deals with the hungry, angry, starving people that hold them accountable for it. >> dana: that sounds reasonable but the problem in the house and senate they passed a particular bill that has to be voted on today to keep the government funded for the next six months. maybe you can strip it out. the white house says the money -- >> bob: look, keep in mind, for the protection for the most part of israel. israel wants us to give aid to the egyptians. because without egypt, if egypt is out of the mix, when egypt signed agreement with israel, it took away entire front from battle.
2:44 pm
>> eric: i beg to differ with that. israel does not want us to aid the muslim brotherhood spreading throughout egypt. that doesn't do israel any good. >> bob: you're exactly wrong about that. >> dana: we have to go. was it naive to think that the arab spring would bring peaceful societys? we'll discuss it, like we were just now when we come back.
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in america, think of the defiance of those patriots this boston who refused to pay taxes to a king. or digfity of rosa parks as she sat courageously in her seat. so it was in tunisia. hundreds of protesters took to the streets, then thousands. in the face of batons and sometimes bullets, they refused to go home. >> bob: that was president obama may of last year to compare arab spring to civil rights movement. in the same speech he used examples of democratic movement taking place in middle east. listen to the cities he mentioned. >> in cairo we heard the voice of the young mother who said it's like i can finally breathe fresh air for the first time. we heard the students who
2:49 pm
chanted "the night must come to an end." benghazi we heard the engineer who said, "our words are free now. it's a feeling you can't explain." those shouts of human dignity are being heard across the regionment >> bob: because a percentage of people in the cities he mentioned attacked the embassy and consulates, that reflection of obama was similar reflection by most people in the united states because they were getting rid of dictators. literally slaughtered people. today i hear people say we want to go to the good old days of slaughter and dictato dictators. >> dana: what about syria? >> bob: they should be gone. >> dana: but they fight for freedom and we don't help them. maybe behind the scenes but not well. >> eric: the jury is still
2:50 pm
out. mark levin made a comment and he said wait to see what the brotherhood and mohammed morsi, they will make mubarak look like mother teresa. we don't know. we don't know what that -- if he is going to end up being -- >> eric: call for free and -- >> bob: they opened election in egypt. they have to live with that. >> eric: they won but the original vote had 25%. they won in a run off. >> bob: that happens in places like that. what is the alternative? dictator to take over? >> eric: what about real democracy? >> bob: that's real democracy. >> greg: not about the region. the dictators were there in part to control a religion. now the religion is out and about. they have to change the name. arab spring sounds like
2:51 pm
delightful deoderant. they need to call it arab scary meltdown pukefest. something awful. >> kimberly: it's nightmare on elm street. >> dana: that could be a contest to hold. >> greg: arab winter. >> kimberly: we can't pat ourselves on the back and say it's better off. it isn't. you want to be honest and shine light on it and transparent. mubarak was far better off than what is there now. sorry to tell you that. >> bob: if you want to get to the essence of this, did we or did we not want democratic elections in the middle east? we did. didn't get a big role. gaza we got hamas. egypt, muslim brotherhood. that's the process of democracy. they went to the polls and clearly voted that way. >> eric: good analogy, though. we get hamas running palestine now. the muslim brotherhood running egypt. bargain that turned out to be. >> bob: what is the a terptive? don't let them vote? >> eric: i'm not saying not let them vote.
2:52 pm
careful what you wish for. >> dana: the united states could give them help on how to be better leaders. tomorrow, muslim brotherhood called for a protest. it's a protest over the stupid fill that exists or doesn't exist earlier. not a protest over the overreaction of extremists who killed one of the ambassadors in libya and set fire to the flag in front of egypt. leaer would have said knock it off, go home. try to get yourself a job or start a business. that's one thing that the state department can do. maybe they are trying to do it behind the scenes but they haven't told us much of what they are doing after arab spring. >> kimberly: it's not working because the campaign in vegas, and apologizing and then handing out cash while people cut our hands off. ridiculous. this is not working at all. we are not in a better position. pakistan is a disaster. the relationship with israel is badly danieled. he doesn't have time for
2:53 pm
netanyahu. this whole philosophy is so skewed and so problematic. we are in a far worse position i believe than we have ever been in at this point. >> bob: what is your a terptive? >> kimberly: a new president. >> bob: leave that aside right now. >> kimberly: that is the solution. they have markedly different philosophies and platforms how to deal with foreign policy and america's position in the world versus withdrawal, retreat and telegraph when we take out troops, compromising our position in afghanistan and any gains that we have made. good job. ridiculous gallup poll. >> bob: greg said is right. dictators were in power, iran, libya, egypt to keep down the muslims. that's what they were doingment when they were gone, the muslims, frust race was blowing up and went to the polls. one more thing is next.
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>> eric: okay, piehy one more thing. >> greg: my banned phrase fall between the cracks. if you make a phone call or request for sensitive medication that prescribed sparingly, and they nev arrives you call again, they go it must have fallen through the cracks. it's an analogy? no. replacement for i'm incompetent. i screwed up. >> dana: sometimes your
2:58 pm
shoes get caught if cracks. >> dana: one great thing being at fox is get to know people i used to talk to through satellite. our own megyn kelly anchor from 1:00 to 3:00 eastern time here is featured in "people" magazine. i highly recommend everyone read it. young women in particular. moms. she has a great article in there. >> eric: good job, megyn kelly. thank you, dana. quickly, this is a seagull picking up a camera. flying. picks it up. >> bob: that looks like me on the last drunk. >> eric: this is awesome. watch this. watch how fast he's flying. check it out. >> bob: that is amazing. a seagull? >> eric: seagull. somebody lost a camera. >> greg: no proof it's a seagull. >> eric: look at the wings. drops it. >> greg: it could have been a harr hairy baby.
2:59 pm
>> kimberly: they don't fly. congratulations to katie couric. they miss her at "today show." she is the new queen, it's official, of daytime talk show. highest rating for syndicated talk show launch in a decade. last one was dr. phil in september of 2002. so congratulations to katie. wish her continued success. >> bob: mayor bloomberg wanted to deny people the right to have super sized sod sodas. today in an act of local fascism, the new york board of health passed that same soda been a. board of health, this -- >> dana: you know america is doing better than the rest of the world. we have time the talk about nonsense like this and vote on it. >> bob: it's not nonsense. they are taking away my soda. >> dana: ridiculous we have time to spend on that when there are other more important things to talk about. >> bob: i wouldn't say that about your -- >> dana: i'm agree wit


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